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Why am I here again? Oh... yeah...

Well... Upon reading all the entries on the first page of this community... I got really bored. I dont know. I guess I just wanted to join a random community, and this one popped into me head. Well, I am new to this community. I myself, as a person, am not new to Livejournal, but this name is new. Hmm... Pink Floyd makes me crazy. Doodeedoodeedoo. Yes, I have read all of the JTHM series. Upon reading them, I developed a form of mild schizophrenia. Hah. But, since my mother, and the rest of my family is clinically insane, I dont blame Johnny C. I blame faulty wiring in our brainmeats. But, to move on. I dont think that I have a "crush" on our beloved Johnny C. I believe that, if he were a real person, I would admire his work, but try to keep out of his way. Either that, or I would step into his life, unknowingly, as Devi did, and go from there. Either way, I would admire his work. He is one talented boy with the knives. Such odd ways to torture people... (Yes, I do know that Mr Vasquez DREW him torturing those people, but... Oh, Never mind.) Well... This is turning out to be quite the lengthy post. Heh. Well... Now that I feel that I have overstaid my welcome, I bid adieu.

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